• Fred Weerman

    ‘New discoveries are found at borderlines’

    Fred Weerman (1957) is full professor at the Dutch department at the University of Amsterdam since 2001. Earlier, he worked at the University of Utrecht, where he also received his doctor’s degree in 1989. At the moment, he is engaged in research ...

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  • Enoch Aboh

    'Everyone is bilingual to some extent'

    Enoch Aboh is professor of learnability at the University of Amsterdam. Before coming to the UvA, he worked at the Université de Genève. His research interests are: learnability of human language, theoretical syntax, comparative syntax, ...

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  • Judith Rispens

    ‘The whole idea about language learning is changing’

    As many students do, Judith Rispens (1972) started studying Dutch language and literature because of her love for books. However, soon she got interested in linguistics and cognition, and she realized that one could always read books for fun. She ...

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  • Roland Pfau

    Slips of the hand

    Roland Pfau received his MA (1995) as well as his PhD degree (2001) from the University of Frankfurt. He joined the University of Amsterdam in May 2001 as assistant professor in General Linguistics. In his research, he focuses on the ...

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  • Julian Kiverstein

    “Finding out how much of cognition can be understood as embodied”

    Julian Kiverstein is Assistant Professor of Neurophilosophy at the University of Amsterdam, where he is developing phenomenologically informed answers to a number of questions in cognitive science, including, consciousness and the self, agency, ...

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  • Erik Rietveld

    ‘If you do it well, philosophy can really influence other fields’

    Dr. Erik Rietveld is a researcher at the University of Amsterdam (AMC and Department of Philosophy) and a Founding Partner of design & research studio Rietveld Landscape. In 2010 he was one of the curators for the Dutch submission to the Venice ...

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  • Eva

    Fascination for linguistic diversity

    Eva van Lier is a lecturer at the Department of Literary Studies and Linguistics, University of Amsterdam. After completing her award-winning PhD-dissertation in Linguistics in 2009, she worked at Lancaster University as a postdoctoral research ...

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  • Gerard Steen

    “Science guards the quality of knowledge”

    Gerard Steen is professor of Language and Communication at the University of Amsterdam since January 2015. Steen was professor of Language and Communication at VU University Amsterdam (VU) since 2013, and before that held the VU chair in Language ...

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  • Jelle Zuidema

    “Language, art and music are extremely revealing about workings of the human mind”

    Jelle Zuidema is assistant professor in cognitive science and computational linguistics at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation. He does research on these topics, coordinates the Cognition, Language and Computation lab and supervises ...

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  • Sible Andringa

    Bridging the gap between research and practice

    Sible Andringa is assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam and coordinator of the research group Cognitive Approaches to Second Language Acquisition. Before coming to the University of Amsterdam, he studied English Linguistics at the ...

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  • Michiel van Lambalgen

    ‘Logic has tremendous predictive power’

    Michiel van Lambalgen (1954) is professor of Logic and Cognition at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation and the Philosophy department of the University of Amsterdam. He is one of the founders of the Cognitive Science Centre of ...

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  • Martin Stofhof

    ‘Language is not a natural kind’

    Martin Stokhof is professor in philosophy of language at the University of Amsterdam. He studied philosophy and linguistics, and wrote a joint dissertation with Jeroen Groenendijk on questions. His early research was on questions and dynamic ...

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  • Marije Brandsma

    Marije Brandsma

    Marije Brandsma is a first-year Bachelor student at the University of Amsterdam. After trying Psychology and Dutch Language and Culture, she started the new and interdisciplinary Bachelor Cognition, Language and Communication. In this interview, ...

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  • Jasmin Pfeifer

    Exploratory research on speech perception in amusics

    Jasmin Pfeifer is a PhD-candidate at the Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication supervised by Paul Boersma and Silke Hamann. She is originally from Düsseldorf, Germany, where she completed my Bachelors and Masters degree in general ...

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  • Paula Roncaglia-Denissen

    Music as a second language

    Paula Roncaglia-Denissen is a postdoctoral researcher at the Music Cognition Group at the UvA. She grew up in Brazil, studied linguistics in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and did her PhD at the Max Planck for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in ...

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  • Patricia Pisters

    “Our culture has become too complex to understand things in disciplinary isolation”

    Patricia Pisters is professor of Media Studies (with specialization in Film Studies) at the University of Amsterdam. Since 2015 she is director of research of ASCA (Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis) of the Faculty of Humanities. Her research ...

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  • Silke Hamann

    “We want to describe how a human works”

    Silke Hamann is research-oriented lecturer (NGO) at the Linguistics department at the UvA, where she studies the phonetics-phonology interface. She is currently working on loan words in Hong Kong Cantonese and Italian, at the restrictions on ...

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  • Gabor Haden

    'The brain is a prediction machine’

    Gabor Haden (1982) is a postdoc in the Brain & Cognition Research Priority Area at the Music Cognition Group of the University of Amsterdam. He received his PhD from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics for his work on music ...

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  • Robert van Rooij

    Making sense of fallacies

    Robert van Rooij is professor of Logic and Cognition at the ILLC. He is best known for his work in the formal semantics and pragmatics of natural language (e.g. comparatives, conversational implicatures, presuppositions) and philosophical logic ...

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  • Philosophy

    Conceiving an interdisciplinary future

    Franz Berto works on logic and metaphysics. He completed his Philosophy degree at Ca’Foscari University of Venice, Italy. He did his PhD in Philosophy at the same university, and afterwards he worked at different universities all over the world. ...

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  • Jelle Bruineberg

    ‘It is about time to get to a more unified and coherent narrative in the cognitive sciences’

    Jelle Bruineberg is a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute for Language, Logic and Computation (ILLC) and the department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Humanities, at the University of Amsterdam. His supervisors are Martin Stokhof and Erik Rietveld; ...

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  • Makiko Sadakata

    Finding out what music does to people

    Makiko Sadakata is assistant professor of music cognition at the University of Amsterdam and the Radboud University Nijmegen. She studied Music Composition and Musicology at the Kyoto City University of Arts, and obtained a Ph.D. in Social ...

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  • Prof Jeannette Scheaffer,

    ‘A bridge between theoretical linguistics and the practice’

    Jeannette Schaeffer is full professor Language Acquisition. She specializes in language acquisition by typical, impaired, and multilingual populations. She earned her MA degree from Utrecht University in 1990, her PhD degree from UCLA in 1997, ...

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  • S. Besser

    The imagination of the brain in contemporary neuro-culture

    Stephan Besser is Assistant professor of Dutch Studies (Moderne Nederlandse letterkunde) at the UvA and coordinator of the ASCA research group 'Neuroaesthetics and Neurocultures'. He also serves as the program director of the Netherlands Research ...

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  • Nina Gierasimczuk

    'Logic as a tool'

    Nina Gierasimczuk is a Post-Doc researcher at the Institute for Language, Logic and Computation (ILLC). She obtained her MA in Philosophy at the Warsaw University, and a PhD in 2010 at the ILLC, under supervision of Johan van Benthem and Dick de ...

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  • Jenny Audring

    A feeling for a good theory

    Jenny Audring (1977) is a postdoc at the Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication and involved in the project ‘Taalportaal’ at Leiden University. She studies the complexity of gender systems across 40 languages. She grew up in East Berlin.

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  • K. Chládková

    Once a linguist, then a phonetician, soon a cognitive scientist

    Kateřina Chládková is a post-doctoral researcher in phonetic sciences at the Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication. She works within a project on speaker and accent normalisation in speech perception. During her PhD project (2009-2013) ...

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  • D. Hupkes

    Understanding the underlying structure of problems

    Dieuwke Hupkes is a PhD student at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) at the University of Amsterdam. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in Physics and Astrophysics, she switched to the master of Logic. We talked to her ...

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  • Tom Lentz

    Tom Lentz

    Tom Lentz is an assistant professor at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation at the University of Amsterdam. In this interview, he talks about his career, the role of Cognitive Science within the Humanities, and the importance of ...

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  • Nina Gierasimczuk

    Studying complexity of concepts in language and thought

    Jakub Szymanik studied philosophy, psychology, mathematics, and linguistics at the Individual Studies in the Humanities (MISH), University of Warsaw, where he obtained MA in the area of logic at the Institute of Philosophy. Then he went to the ...

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  • Caitlin Meyer

    Counting - as easy as one, two, three?

    Catilin Meyer (1988) is a PhD student at the Amsterdam ACLC. For her PhD project she investigates how children learn number words – and specifically ordinal numbers. She recently finished her dissertation, which she plans to defend on the 15th of ...

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